A-3 Inc has three divisions. Division 1 is a technology support-based division, specializing in US government support, defense contracts, and cyber-security solutions. Division 2 supports fitness, security & combative programs.  Division 3 does construction support, material fabrications, and eco-friendly commercial grade cleaners.

Apache-3 inc.

US Navy Retired Veteran  Owned & Operated Business

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

Native American Owned & Operated Business

A-3 Inc provides state-of-the-art software support and mission essential systems integration. A-3 Inc support fitness and combative programs and security staffing.  A-3 Inc supports construction products, fabrications and eco-friendly cleaning supplies,

Apache-3 Inc. is headquartered in Oberlin, Kansas, with satellite support in Denver, Colorado; Los Angeles, California; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  


Apache-3 Inc's mission is collaboration across teams, and adoption of automation with consistent delivery paths for all applications.  A-3 Inc offers top quality support of fitness and combative programs and security staffing needs. A-3 Inc goal is in supporting construction and manufacturing needs alongside eco-friendly commercial grade cleaning supplies. Apache-3's goal is to be the leading provider for local government needs in the areas of DevOps, Manufacturing, Security, Fitness & Combative programs, construction support, fabrication needs and Eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Additional Services in Leadership & Management Teaming.

IT Services:

1. Dev Ops Implementation

2. Dev Ops or Agile Transformation

3. Continuous Integration 

4. Continuous Deployment

5. Transfer from Data Centers to Cloud (AWS)

Apache-3 Inc's target market are local government agencies, school districts, and US military.

Apache-3 Inc. offers competitive pricing for quality services, Manufacturing and Green Cleaning Supplies.

All custom manufacturing and supplies are locally sourced in Colorado, offering a competitive advantage. 

Office: 720-707-9461 

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Quality is our Priority 

EIN: 84-2288193

CAGE Code: 8DFR5

D-U-N-S®: 117136642

Business Entity ID: 9456724


511210 (Software Publisher)

541511 (Custom Computer Programming)

541512 (Computer Systems Design Services)

541519 (Other Computer Related)

611420 (Computer Training)

812990 (All Other Personal Services)

713940 (Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers)

423910 (Sporting and Recreational Goods and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers) 

Native American Tribal Member: Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas (owner's Tribal ID: 1229)

The Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas is a member of the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI)

Texas State Recognized Tribe with Federal Recognition applied (awaiting Federal approval)

Apache-3 Inc provides the following services/products
1. Dev-Op, Cyber Security, and other IT support.
2. Construction support, manufacturing & fabrication for commercial and industrial products and eco-friendly commercial cleaning supplies. 

3. Fitness & Combative Programs & Security staffing support.

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Snake and Dog

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Apache Artist Chato presents Snake Block

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Snake Blocker - Afghanistan

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Snake and Dog

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Why Apache-3 Inc is the right choice...


The top three things Apache-3 Inc. is most proud of …

      Team of Subject Matter Experts

      Total Quality Management (TQM) Application

      Competing in projects, which will benefit our US Military and other Government Agencies 

Why did Apache-3 Inc form in a competitive market place?

       To improve the end user’s experience and efficiency, in a cutting edge industry


What is Apache-3 Inc. best at?

       Communication, quality, competitive pricing, and customer relations


Give a brief history of how Apache-3 Inc. came to be the organization it is now...

       In seeing how the US Military and other Government agencies utilizes small businesses to perform more effective, Apache-3

       Inc was established to add value and competitive pricing.



Apache-3 Inc. has always engaged in environmentally sensitive projects. We strive to create jobs; sponsor a variety of charitable organizations; and promote conservation awareness.



Apache-3 Inc. prides itself on being innovative; showing integrity; and creating a team building environment every day. Apache-3 Inc. created an atmosphere, where highly motivated people thrive and are empowered to use their unique talents to create added value for our customers.

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