"Snake Blocker, Apache-3 President/CEO, is a detail oriented professional. His passion, high energy, and drive to succeed in all things make him a winning choice. Snake is a quick learner. He is keen on situational analysis, adaptability, team building, and a champion of planning and execution." - David Freedline, Commander (SEL) - US Navy 

"Apache-3 Inc brings an educational and entertaining experience to better help clients achieve their fitness goals.   Apache-3 Inc works with clients of all ages and levels." - Cole Fritz, Fitness Professional   

"I had a chance to work with Roger Dhillon, Apache-3 Inc. Vice-President, in a couple of organizations. Roger brings out the best in his team. He’s a great mentor, motivator, and leader. He has proven time after time the ability to transform organizations through DevOps adoption and Agile methodologies. If the opportunity arises, I would be happy to work with him again." - Benjamin Chung, Full Stack & Development 

"Snake Blocker has the leadership skills, the logistic and business experience and the desire to succeed and contribute in any endeavor that he attempts. I was impressed during the time that he worked in my Navy command as a leader, a logistics specialist and a mentor to his peers and appreciated his suggestions to improve processes and efficiencies. I continue to track his accomplishments and deeds, which are many, and value the friendship that I made with him. Snake delivers and helps others succeed!!!  I had the pleasure to have Logistics Specialist Snake Blocker be a part of my Expeditionary Logistics Cargo Handling Battalion and relied on him for leadership, expertise and positive team-building skills. Snake easily set the bar high in personal fitness, enthusiasm, loyalty to the mission and to his fellow peers, subordinates and senior enlisted and officers. I quickly saw him display his leadership in extreme weather conditions for shipboard cargo handling exercises ensuring high levels of safety were met and training junior personnel. His focus to lead others was a key aspect that stood him out amongst others, and he inspired a culture of physical fitness amongst the battalion of over 200 personnel. Snake has the a strategic vision to better all and implements his plan...he DELIVERS to all, can be counted on and I valued his skills for many occasions. I look forward to working with him on future opportunities and can help any organization to excel." - CAPT Jon Watson, SC, USN (Ret), Leader (Military/Civilian) in Diverse Geographic Working Environments; Logistics, Program and Financial Management SME 

"I had the opportunity to work with Roger Dhillon during his time as Manager of Dev Ops at Disney Studios. He has a good understanding of what is happening in the consumer web as well as which social and collaborative technologies are making their way into the enterprise. Therefore, he is always able to adapt and evolve ahead of the competition. His technical expertise and passion to automate processes are clearly visible in his department. During chaotic times, like when system is down, Roger's handling of his team and managing the customers is just amazing. His team get to work best at their ability. And things turn around pretty fast. Roger's positive attitude and the respect others feel toward him are palpable. He makes sure that the employees can connect to each other and to the information they need to get their jobs done, anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Roger extends beyond managing people to empowering and engaging people. He is a valuable asset to the company and an excellent mentor to the team." - Nirmal Shah, SEIT Engineer, Boston Scientific 

"Snake Blocker is a prime example of what qualities one desires in a leader. His ability to think outside the box and convey new concepts are always backed with solid information and well-thought processes. He is an expert in the fields of training, defense and strategy and I feel fortunate to have worked with him on projects in the past and look forward to doing so in the future as well." - Max Avery, Business Strategist 

"Roger Dhillon has this great attention to detail, grasp of strategic points, wide view of the political and financial landscape, and the technical understanding of both our team and our customers' needs. He is also a great mentor, has always had wide-open communication with everyone in the team, and has a very humane point of view, which makes for a very unique combination in a team manager. In short, he's an awesome guy to work with." - Gustavo Cordova Avila, Sr Systems Engineer, Walt Disney Studio 


"Anyone who knows Snake Blocker, knows that he's extremely motivated. He's always doing something productive and putting everything into it. Our Navy battalion witnessed it in Kuwait when he took something that seemed fun to the rest of us (Close-Quarters Combat) and turned it into an incredible career move that has since left me watching him on TV, and marveling at his incredible testament to the power of willing your dreams and goals to fruition. All the while he was doing that, besides certifying me in CQC, I also worked with him in logistical and pier operations where he equally excelled by doing everything to the utmost, and learning everyone else's job before we left the theater of operations, including certification on every piece of equipment we had, and supervisory roles, too." - Mike Thompson, MBA, MS/IO, SHRM-CP, Director of HR at HBC. 

"I have had the privilege of working with Roger Dhillon during his time as Manager of Dev Ops at Disney Studios, and while he ran the QA team at the Studio. First, Roger is very knowledgeable regarding the technology and how its used within the Dev Ops practice. Roger is a very hard working guy who will stop at nothing to ensure that his team is well-trained and equipped, to do their job as best they can. In return, his team seems to be one of the most loyal that I've come across. Roger is always been accessible for any questions, and never makes me feel like I've put him out, or asked a dumb question. He is patient and unselfish. I've learned a lot from Roger and enjoy working with him!" - Cynthia Major, President/CEO, Gyntekk Solutions 

"I worked with Snake Blocker in New Mexico in the oilfield. I highly recommend him for any position that would require leadership, focus on detail, and productivity. He is a delight to work with, both taking his job seriously [at Baker Hughes and BJ Services] and with a great attitude while doing it." - Mike Dalton, Ryder Systems, Inc.

"Roger Dhillon has a solid understanding of the automation tools used for QA and Release Management. He has been trained in Agile Project Development methodology as well as traditional Waterfall methods." - Michelle Barnett, Director Product Line Management (Direct to Consumer & International), Walt Disney 

"Snake Blocker's talented and business savvy, making him the professional to have on any team playing project. His expertise in his field rivals the competition, and his easy going attitude makes him exceptionally easy to work with." - Lynny Price, Owner - Stretches Plenty Pictures, LLC. 

"I've had the great pleasure of working with Roger Dhillon while he managed the software engineering and QA teams at Pictage. At Pictage, Roger was expected to deliver quality product while meeting rather aggressive timelines. He performed well under pressure and found ways to incrementally improve the processes he oversaw. Roger is a results-driven, problem-solving, and open minded manager. He would be a great asset to any team." - Evaldo Gonzalez, Founder/Head of Production, Fan Clip 

"I can and do recommend Mr. Snake Blocker to any prospective employer. He has outstanding knowledge and skills in the U.S. Navy. He would be an asset to any employer. It was a pleasure to work with such a talented individual." - Eric Worthy, Health Safety Manager at Stewarts Grading & Hauling, Inc. 

"Roger Dhillon's idea's are better than mine, he is a very intuitive man. Very smart. Roger's idea's are the only ideas that turn profit, continually. Roger is the man that got me into programming back in 2001. I don't know how he does it, though, he can think in strides and understands the big picture. Hands down, he simply has a great thinking ability and is very sharing and giving in all things." - Brian Luna, Software Engineer, The Hudson Group 


"I am a full time writer and have been talking with Snake Blocker for some time now about a project I am working on. He has been most generous with his time, and his communication with me has always been well thought out and written with absolute clarity. It's obvious that he has intelligent communicative skills and would be an asset to any company where that is a priority." - Loren W. Christensen, Author

"Roger Dhillon was tasked with greatly improving the engineering process at Pictage and he did it faster than I ever expected. Roger has established processes at Pictage that the entire organization is pleased to follow. These processes include a highly visible view into the development process, a new software change management process, and a resoundingly improved quality assurance process. Roger has demonstrated a solid ability to lead an engineering team through difficult times of change, while maintaining a tight schedule. Roger's dedication and willingness to go the 'extra mile' are invaluable attributes that are rare in most individuals, and any organization would benefit by having him." - Erik Young, Director of Program Management, Media Temple 


"I am pleased to recommend Snake Blocker to any employer. Snake worked for me in 2004 when we deployed to Kuwait in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is a tireless worker, extremely detail oriented and willing to take on the toughest jobs. He was the first to volunteer and he advanced rapidly in authority and responsibility while under my command. He is intelligent, fair-minded and results oriented and will be a valuable addition to any team." - Steve Lathrop, Executive Vice President at USI Insurance Services 

"It is not often that a single team member can multiply the collective effort, but Roger Dhillon has done exactly that on the MyAds project, by vastly streamlining the build process and fostering transparency and collaboration in the code base. Roger's contributions have taken our team to the next level, and are still being realized long after his decision to pursue other endeavors. Roger is highly recommended for his keen ability to improve development cycle workflow and maximize team performance." - David A., Lead Engineer, Experian Consumer Services 

"I've known Snake Blocker for over a decade and have found him to be a man who has determination and drive. I've watched him accomplish many goals over the years. He is intelligent and intellectually curious and will be an asset to any company that hires him." - Jeff Herbig, Social Studies Teacher at St Stephens Indian School 


"Shortly after Roger Dhillon joined the company, he stepped up to the much-needed role of working closely with members of development on building, troubleshooting, and releasing applications. Roger also conducted an invaluable how-to session explaining his procedure/processes to members of development and operations. Roger was always easy to work with and very eager to get the job done." - Francis Ma, Sr. Systems Administrator (UNIX/Linux), Live Nation Entertainment/Ticket Master Entertainment 

"Duty, honor, integrity... Sums up Snake Blocker. I would ride with Snake anywhere at any time. I worked with Snake for a USA Military Contract Security Company in Afghanistan.  The Snake I worked with in Afghanistan had no problem driving in a 'soft skin' vehicle to various bases in "very high threat" War Zone areas. The soldiers at the base's entry points were amazed that he drove there. It's what we did and it's what we miss sometimes."- Bob Oypd, Four Horseman International (FHI) Contractor, Logistic Specialist/Supply Chain Expert/Operations Professional 

"Roger Dhillon is an enthusiastic and energetic engineer who also has a keen sense on quality. I highly recommend Roger to anyone or any team who needs his service." - Bernard Chang, Manager at Sage 

"Snake Blocker is a Survivalist, Navy Military Close Quarters Combat Instructor and Martial Artist, whom I had a chance to work with for the pilot show of Dude You're Screwed.  He continues to teach around the world, bringing awareness training to concerned citizens,

law enforcement and military groups. I recommend his classes." - Jake Zweig, Navy SEAL Commando

"Roger Dhillon is a smart, dedicated and knowledgeable configuration manager. He has a tremendous body of experience with the full range of systems in use at Yahoo SM. Roger has been present through every major project and launch at Goto/Overture/YSM and has shepherded the code base from launch to launch with a lot of patience and care. Roger likes new challenges and enjoys the software development experience and brings in new processes and better management techniques to make the complex software deployment process more efficient. Given the chance, I would work with Roger again." - Arvind Puri, Director, Technology at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts 

"Snake Blocker, It's great to finally train with you. I've heard about you for years.... From one 'Snake' to another, you're a professional." - Dennis 'Snake' Chalker, Navy SEAL Master Chief (Ret)


"Snake Blocker, here is a man who places the well being of others in front of himself and who rejoined the service to help in the Iraq War and still trained his clients.  He gave his all, humble and joyful. As an artist, he was open to bringing the best of himself out, to get the top product from his work in the studio. I enjoyed working him. A true artist and great person." - Carlos G, Radio Announcer at Sqweekey Radio 

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